InterGuard Staff Monitoring Review

InterGuard is a security software suite that incorporates three different levels of protection to increase employee productivity and prevent data loss within your organization.  SONAR monitors and controls all aspects of employee computer activity so you will know if they are actually working and not doing something on the computer that they should not be doing.  DATALOCK protects sensitive information from ever leaving the office by any means including web postings, email and USB devices.  LAPTOP COP allows you to identify, access and control the data that resides on a stolen laptop.

The InterGuard Suite is easily controlled from a very intuitive management console.  The dashboard gives you an instant overview of all employee computer activity including all time spent websurfing, most used applications and blocked websites by user.  The InterGuard management console is where you can view all recorded data, manage and control DATALOCK and LAPTOP COP.  Here is a screenshot of the InterGuard Dashboard.

The InterGuard Dashboard

The Recorded Data section shows all email activity, Instant Messaging, Chat, keystrokes typed, websites visited and programs used by any individual user.  The following screen shows an example email recorded by InterGuard.  You can see it show who it was from and to, this was sent through Hotmail and InterGuard was still able to record the email. 

InterGuard Captures all Emails Sent and Recieved by Employees

This screenshot shows all websites visited.  SONAR shows every detail of websites visited including what sites were visited and when.  As you can see, Tonya likes going to MySpace during working hours.

InterGuard Shows all Websites Visited by Employees

The InterGuard Software also shows screenshots of all employees as well as searches performed and what applications they were using at any given time.

The InterGuard management console also controls DATALOCK.  DATALOCK controls sensitive and confidential data from leaving the organization.  This is what the user will see if they try to violate a policy.

What a User Sees if an InterGuard Policy has Been Violated

Laptop Cop is also controlled at the InterGuard Management console.  Here is where you remotely retrieve any desired files from your stolen computer.  Alternatively, You can remotely delete any desired files from your stolen computer. Simply click on the link in the left hand navigation titled "Delete Files" and submit a file deletion request. Once the request is submitted, Laptop Cop will instantly send the command to the stolen computer to begin the deletion process. 

Once you have retrieved or deleted files on a stolen laptop, you can begin the laptop recovery process. To begin the recovery process, simply click on the "Recover My PC" tab and report the computer as stolen. Once the computer is reported as stolen, Laptop Cop will immediately begin recording everything the thief does on the computer.  You can also monitor and control any and all of the thief's activity. See our review of Laptop Cop.

InterGuard is a very well rounded office computer monitoring solution to increase office productivity and keep all of your valuable data safe and secure. Learn More about InterGuard

The Plans and Pricing for the InterGuard Office Monitoring Solution

InterGuard Plans and Pricing