Review of Spector CNE

The Spector CNE Investigator is a valuable tool for any company to have to help with monitoring and investigating your employees. You have the right to know what your employees are doing on the company network infrastructure. Spector CNE allows you to monitor every aspect of your employee's computer and network activity. Spector allows you to monitor your employees with a very intuitive user interface that will require no training for most adept Network Administrators.

Spector CNE is a remotely deployable employee monitoring program. You will never have to visit each individual workstation to install or configure the monitoring process. The computer monitoring program is a snap to deploy over almost any network and completely undetectable to the user.

Here is a review of the Spector CNE Control Center. This is where you manage, configure and monitor the employee computers. The Control Panel is where you will install or uninstall the Spector client. There is no need to literally touch any workstation on the network. The Spector CNE control panel uses the Microsoft Management Console snap-in, which should be very familiar to most Network Administrators making this monitoring solution a snap to manage the monitored computers.

The Spector CNE Control Center

Email activity monitoring is an extremely important aspect of employee monitoring. Email makes it easy for any employee to send your company secrets to your competition or your future competition. This screenshot shows an example of an employee sending a client list to what could very well be your future competition. Your client list is sacred and should be guarded in such a manner that the list goes no further than your internal network. What would happen to your business if your clients found out that their contact information was leaked out of your company?

Email Activity Monitor

Chat and Instant Messaging has to be the number one time wasting employee activity there is. If you even allow these programs to run on the company network, they need to be monitored. Spector CNE monitors all types of Chat and Instant Messaging programs from one convenient screen. Here is a screenshot of how Spector CNE captures Chat and IM activity.

Chat and IM Activity Monitoring

Another employee time waster for the slackers in your company is aimless browsing of the Internet. Spector CNE captures every website that your employee visits in a convenient and easy to read interface. Find out what your employees do on the Internet on your companies valuable time with Spector CNE.

Monitor Websites Visited

File transfer activity is a huge security risk for your company. When your employee is using your network to download or share files, your network is at risk of some major security breaches. Most file sharing sites are loaded with spyware, adware and viruses not to mention pirated applications and videos. Spector CNE allows you to instantly see what your users are downloading or uploading using the company network and its resources.

File Transfer Monitoring

Spector CNE also utilizes a Document Tracking system to see exactly what your users are doing with your company data. The document tracking feature allows you to see if a document was printed or saved to an external drive like a flash drive. Spector CNE allows you to stay on top of your important company data and employee network activity.

The Spector CNE Document Tracking Solution

After Reviewing Specto CNE Investigator, we found that it is a very well rounded employee activity monitoring solution. Every business has employees that are wasting valuable time and resources by abusing their computer use privileges. Spector CNE will help you put a stop to any unacceptable Internet use that your staff may be including in their workday.