About the Staff Monitoring Site

I was a Network Administrator for a rather large company for ten-years. This large company decided to shut the manufacturing facility down that I work at because it was not being productive. I truly believe that if the employee computer and Internet activity were monitored, the facility may have been a lot more productive.

I cannot count how many games of solitaire and music downloads that I have interrupted in the past few years. Employees were chatting and gambling, I think one person was writing a book, and of course, before the company shut the facility down I built this website on company time.

I tested some computer monitoring programs on the network. The results were a bit unnerving. I found a perverted manager; a gambling supervisor and some of the chats that I logged were hilarious.

I wanted to build this site to show what can be done on an employer's time. A site like this does not just happen either. I probably spent at least 40 hours so far. 40 hours at close to 40 dollars an hour! I wonder what the stockholders would do if they knew their entire company could be maybe 40 percent more productive.

I hope that if you are reading this you are a bit enlightened and may decide to monitor your staff. If you do decide to try some computer monitoring software, just be sure to let them know that StaffMonitoring.com sent you.

Drop me an email - randy@staffmonitoring.com