KeyGhost Hardware Keylogger

Employers do not need to deploy a computer monitoring software suite to monitor an employee if the need is not substantiated. Perhaps you just have one staff member that you are a bit suspicious about his Internet activities. A situation like that is where a hardware keylogger would come in handy. You could use a hardware keylogger to get a good idea about what he does on the computer all day.

The hardware is almost unnoticeable to the average person. The keylogger plugs in the back of the computer where the keyboard plugs in, and then you just plug the keyboard into the hardware keylogger. You can plug it in the computer in the evening after the suspected Internet abuser leaves or in the morning before he gets in. Just leave it plugged in for a day or two then unplug it and retrieve the data. The hardware keylogger will show you every keystroke that was typed on the computer for all the time it was plugged in. You will know if the employee was using your ERP or browsing inappropriate web sites and chatting online with friends.

Keylogger Benefits

You can read emails, access passwords, or monitor online chatting without being detected.

KeyGhost Keylogger is a great choice for key logging and monitoring computer activity if you are not interested in a software monitoring solution. Here are a few of the key benefits of KeyGhost Keylogger:

Here are a few of the key benefits of KeyGhost Keylogger:

The installation of the hardware keylogger is so simple that it will not take away from anyone's productivity. It literally installs in seconds. Here is a picture of what the keylogger looks like and how it plugs into the computer.

PS2 KeyBoard KeyloggerUSB Hardware Keyboard Keylogger

Keylogger is the latest in innovative computer monitoring technology from KeyGhost. It is the smallest and most compact hardware keylogger on the market (roughly 1.6in long). The Keylogger device plugs in directly between your computer USB/PS/2 keyboard and your PC.

KeyGhost Keylogger - Once installed, it will secretly record all keystrokes that are typed on the PC. Best of all, there is absolutely no software required to use Keylogger. It is a true plug-and-play device. Simply connect it and forget it - that is it!

KeyGhost USB or PS2 Hardware Keyloggers KeyGhost KeyLoggers start at $89.00