InterGuard Staff Monitoring Service

Employee monitoring and control is easy with Awareness Technologies’ InterGuard computer monitoring software. You can track all employee Internet use and view your recorded data from any computer in the world. No matter if your employees are in one room or across the continent, WebWatcher records data from everywhere and puts it at your fingertips so you can see exactly what your employees do when you are paying them to work.

InterGuard combines three essential data protection security points in one easy to use program.

SONAR is the program that is easily installed on every computer in the business that monitors and controls all staff computer and Internet activity.

Data Lock is the program that will identify and protect your most important information and not allow that data to leave the computer or network by any means.

Laptop Cop is a program that allows you to track and control a laptop if it should get stolen. You can access, retrieve and delete files, notify the thief that you are watching and monitor and control the activity.

While some computer surveillance programs allow you to monitor, and others allow you to block the Internet, WebWatcher employee monitoring software does both and so much more!

Awareness Technologies' InterGuard is definitely unique. It's not a product, its a complete service. With some monitoring applications in the past you had to worry about dynamic Internet addresses, e-mail servers, firewalls, roaming, among so many things that could go wrong. WebWatcher makes it easier than ever.

It is a great service when you do not have to worry about anything, and the staff hits a 110% work rate and they stay on top of all their office tasks without getting distracted by their own Internet activities.

InterGuard Employee Monitoring Software improves productivity and protects your business.

American businesses lose $85 billion dollars a year in lost office productivity because up to 30% of employee time is occupied by inappropriate Internet use. In addition, since employees often have access to sensitive, proprietary information, it is essential to have a system in place that can detect potential violations.

Keeping records of your employee’s emails is important when monitoring computers in the workplace. Using a reliable email recorder can protect you against possible liability if employees misuse email on your network. If emails are subpoenaed, you will be able to quickly access the information you need with WebWatcher email recording for the office.

Awareness Technologies' advanced employee monitoring software can automatically monitor instant messages sent and received on office computers so you can view them anytime you choose. Right before an employee evaluation would be a good time to view the recordings.

Monitoring computer use in the workplace is an important means of safeguarding against liability, theft, and even lost productivity. InterGuard's Key Logger lets you monitor employee computer activities at all times - even when a computer is offline. The keystrokes are recorded and uploaded to your account when the monitored computer is reconnected to the Internet. Your employees will not be able to get away with any more Internet abuse with the InterGuard employee monitoring program in force.

InterGuard Special Features
Website Recording and Blocking

WebWatcher's powerful Website Recording and Website Blocking capabilities enable employers to quickly and easily monitor employee Internet use so company computers are used safely and appropriately. While some programs allow you to monitor, and others allow you to block the Internet, only WebWatcher does both. No matter where the computers are in the world, WebWatcher can keep you informed on what your staff is doing on your computers.

InterGuard Remote Computer Monitoring Software

WebWatcher is unique monitoring software because all recorded data is viewed via an intuitive web based interface that can be accessed from anywhere with nothing more than a standard web browser. Whether you need to monitor computers while you are at work or while you are out of the office, WebWatcher gives you the freedom to instantly access your recorded information anytime and anywhere. This allows you to effectively monitor your employees and steer your organization by maximizing workplace productivity, enforcing Internet use policies, avoiding liability, and even safeguarding your information and intellectual property.

InterGuard is Invisible Employee Monitoring Software

Even with full disclosure about computer monitoring in the workplace, employers want a monitoring program that is as unobtrusive as possible. Since WebWatcher is designed to run invisibly and automatically, you can keep records of employee computer activities without interfering with day-to-day business.

Now you can focus on your business while InterGuard helps keep the Internet safe for your employees.

Awareness Technologies' SONAR central reporting system collects data from all of your employees, no matter where they are, and sends it to one, centralized location. This method makes it extremely easy for one person to monitor many workers, without creating the time consuming need to log into each individual computer to see the activity SONAR has recorded.

From recording keystrokes & taking screenshots to blocking websites on the fly, protecting and retrieving stolen laptops, locking down important data, InterGuard does it all. See the full review of InterGuard here.

Invisibly monitor computers on the job