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The most common way to extract cannabis oil is through different types of extraction, which is getting cannabinoids with the most suitable solvent. These cannabis compounds are insoluble in water but can be separated very well in certain organic solvents such as butane, alcohol or fats.

Butane is usually recommended because it gives good results and quantity yields, but there are many different classes of it and getting good quality gas is often difficult. For its part, absolute ethanol is very effective due to its purity, because it will draw out unwanted components such as chlorophyll and because it is much more industrially manageable.

Here’s how to make a cannabis extraction equipment with absolute ethanol. Specifically, we will concentrate on medical cannabis high in CBD. Keep in mind that for every hundred grams of marijuana that we use we will be obtain about nine grams of oil, half of them cannabinoid

For this extraction in particular, it is necessary to have marijuana supercritical Critical Mass CBD, a female strain, especially indica, coming from the union between a Critical Mass and a male CBD Crew. It is the medical version of the super Critical Mass, which is often used to alleviate the side effects caused by the treatment of some diseases.

Gallons of Liquid ethanol with a 99.99% purity will be needed along with a mesh of 46 microns, where cannabis will be placed. Typically, the objective of any cannabis extraction is to obtain the best of the poor-quality hemp we have, but in this case it will be the opposite: the aim will be to obtain material from marijuana plants of the highest quality, by quickly passing the uncrushed buds through the solvent, since a high concentration of cannabinoids can be found in the outer part of the flowers.\

Kratom Pill Machines

You need kratom pill machine that does size 000 caps if you want 1 G AND you need to do an extra packing step as loose packed in 000 caps will get you 800-900 MGs so you have to pack very tightly

Those are the biggest size kratom gel capsules you’ll find, you wont find a machine that makes kratom pills over 1g gel capsule. The next option is the size 00 which are half gram.

The size 000 kratom capsules cost 3 times as much ,$35 per /1000 as opposed to $12/1000, and I don’t know if you can find the cheap DIY kratom pill machine for them there are many $20-$50 machines for size 00 capsules but most 000 cappers are semi-auto rather than manual made for commercial/industrial use and not at home use and start at around $600 plus tax.

Suffering Economy

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