Employers are monitoring their company cell phones at an increased rate due to the security and liability risks involved with using any company property.  Consider the implications of what would happen if an employee were to get caught texting or sexting a minor.  Now consider the productivity loss of a staff member using the mobile phone using the phone for unrelated business conversations and texts at the times when they are supposed to be working.  It may be time to start monitoring cell phone use a bit more closely.

As with office computer monitoring, cell phone monitoring does come with some privacy and ethical discretions.  The bottom line is that the business owns the phone.  Does your business mention cell phone use in the Acceptable Use Policy and if so, are they complying with the policy.  How do you know?  They could be doing any number of unproductive and possibly illegal things on the mobile phone.

Examples of Cell Phone Abuse in the Workplace:

  • Talking or texting with family and friends
  • Sexting with who knows who
  • Aimlessly browsing the Internet
  • Conducting illegal activity via the cell phone
  • Trading company trade secrets
  • Downloading the newest apps and games available

Is Employee Cell Phone Monitoring Legal

Generally, federal law allows employers to monitor work-related use of telephone, e-mail, and other communications.  However to be on the safe side, the employee should read and sign a policy stating that they know the consequences of abusing company property.  The policy should remind employees that company vehicles, computers, and any company-issued communication devices belong to the employer and are to be used strictly for work-related purposes. Companies should also make it clear they reserve the right to track employees via the Internet, email and mobile phone use.

It is almost a shame that employers have to go to such measures to keep the staff productive but the truth is that steps do need to be taken to guard against thievery.  That may seem a harsh way of putting the truth but in truth, if an employee is abusing their cell phone, Internet or company vehicle privileges; they are stealing from the business.

Other Advantages of Employee Cell Phone Monitoring

Mobile phone monitoring services like the Mobile Spy also monitors the GPS locations of the phone.   If an employee is supposed to be meeting with a client you could find out if he is actually conducting business or out on the Route 104 Golf Course, Shopping Mall or some other non related work location.  This can be a very helpful tool to keep your staff as productive as possible at all times.

mSpy Mobile and Computer Monitoring

mSpy can help you keep your employees more productive and efficient by monitoring the devices they use for their daily tasks. You can monitor their cell phones and computers to make sure they are doing what they are supposed to be doing instead of using your IT products for personal use while on company time. Disgruntled employees looking for a new job or sharing company data with your competition, bored employees wasting time on Facebook or aimlessly browsing the Internet can be stopped in their tracks if you know what they are doing at all times. mSpy can help you find out what they are doing. Read more about the mSpy products available here.

Mobile Spy Smart Phone Monitoring Solution

If you are interested in monitoring your business cell phones to save your company money in the long run, Mobile Spy is a recommended service to use.  There is other cell phone spying software available but Mobile Spy is the only service I have seen in action therefore the only one I can recommend.  Mobile Spy works with any BlackBerry, iPhone, Android, Windows Mobile or Symbian OS based smartphone.

Mobile Spy allows an employer to use software to trace staff cell phone related activity, keep track of call information, SMS data, text messages, GPS locations and more.  This program runs silently on the phones and uploads logs to the owner’s private Mobile Spy account.  At $99.97 a year, it is a worthy investment and worth every penny.  How much are you paying your staff to work for you?  How many hours are they actually working?  Find out a little more by the way they use your mobile phones.