In the past, Internet monitoring meant recording web sites your employees visited and perhaps blocking them from certain web sites.

The office computer monitoring programs available today offer a completely new dimension to Internet monitoring. Now you can record everything your employees do online, including instant messages, chats, emails sent and received, web sites visited, applications launched, network connections established and bandwidth consumed, files downloaded, files copied to removable media, and keystrokes typed. With a staff monitoring program in place, you can effectively take control of your office again and keep your employees off of Facebook..

An employee monitoring solution will increase employee productivity, provide a safeguard in the event of inappropriate employee behavior, and protect your company from leaking important company information.

Staff Monitoring Programs

mSpy Mobile and Computer Monitoring

mSpy can help you keep your employees more productive and efficient by monitoring the devices they use for their daily tasks. You can monitor their cell phones and computers to make sure they are doing what they are supposed to be doing instead of using your IT products for personal use while on company time. Disgruntled employees looking for a new job or sharing company data with your competition, bored employees wasting time on Facebook or aimlessly browsing the Internet can be stopped in their tracks if you know what they are doing at all times. mSpy can help you find out what they are doing. Read more about the mSpy products available here.

InterGuard from Awareness Technologies is a central reporting system that collects data from all of your employees, no matter where they are, and sends it to one, centralized location. This method makes it extremely easy for one person to monitor many workers, without creating the time consuming need to log into each individual computer to see the activity WebWatcher has recorded. From recording keystrokes & taking screenshots to blocking websites on the fly, InterGuard does it all. See our Review of the InterGuard Security Suite.

The Employee Desktop Live Viewer by Lepide Software permits an employer to see live computer system tasks of every individual on the network to see just what your staff members are really doing on your time. All PC activities are captured and saved so they can easily be used for additional use such as employee evaluations. This tracking software enables you to stop workers from squandering your time while they browse the Net for personal purchasing, emails and social connections. A fully functional 7-day test is readily available for examining the software. More Information…

Network Enforcer is able to restrict any violations of your specific behavior filters by immediately closing the offending application or website. Network Enforcer does not log all user activity on your network, only the specific behavior that you define. The behaviors are categorized under three security levels allowing you to respond immediately to high security threats. More Information…

NetVizor is the latest in award-winning office surveillance. Monitor your entire network from one centralized location! NetVizor allows you to track workstations and individual users that may use multiple computers on a network. NetVizor allows you to perform employee monitoring, content filtering, remote administration, and more – from one location.
Combining real-time remote computer monitoring with individual employee monitoring and security auditing, NetVizor is one of the most comprehensive network monitoring and administration solution available! More Information…

Spytech SpyAgent is the perfect utility for logging all actions that users make on your office workstations. The monitoring of staff’s e-mail, internet and chat use to prevent employee crime, harassment, over-use of business systems and the leaking of confidential company information is essential to running a business in today’s society and increasing your bottom line. More Information…

Ascendant NFM is an extremely comprehensive and powerful network file monitoring tool that logs every file creation, modification, and deletion on your network. Ascendant Security specializes in providing network security and asset protection. Operating with all office sizes in mind, Ascendant develops solutions designed to secure assets and data on networks of all sizes – from small business networks to large-scale enterprises and institutions. Do not let your staff decrease your bottom line. More Information…

KeyGhost Keylogger – Once installed, KeyloggerHRD will secretly record all keystrokes that are typed on the computer. Best of all, there is absolutely no software required to use a hardware Keylogger. It is a true plug-and-play hardware device. Simply connect it and forget it – that is it! More Information…

Benefits of an Employee Monitoring Program

The return on investment should only be a few months stemming mostly from increased employee productivity. If you suspect your company’s productivity is suffering because of inefficient employee Internet use, then keep reading. There are a few employees who will choose to use the Internet for professional purposes only, countless others will decide to abuse the comfort of having Internet access in their office.

Here are some results of recent surveys:

67% of EMPLOYEES admitted using the Internet for personal reasons.
30% of BUSINESSES were losing a workday per week to Internet abuse.
57% of BUSINESSES did not know what their employees did online.
70% of all Internet porn traffic occurs during the nine-to-five workday.
37% of workers say they surf the Web constantly at work.
30 to 40% of internet access is spent on non-work related browsing
60% of all online purchases are made during working hours.

More Slacker Stats

Those are some sobering percentages. How much more productive would the office staff be if those statistics were close to Zero? An employee computer-monitoring program could help realize that number.

Taking charge of how your office staff is using the Internet by using a computer monitoring program will increase productivity and produce significant cost savings by eliminating excessive non-business Internet activity.