Keeping the productivity in your office at peak level is a challenge that managers face. The Internet is easily accessible from any work computer, and sometimes staff is surfing the Internet when it is not authorized. As a company, if your productivity in the office falls, so does your bottom line.

How do you know that your Internet policy isn’t being violated? Every minute that your staff spends on the Internet that is not for company business is abuse of company time and resources. Inappropriate web sites such as pornographic, social networking and auction sites can cost a company thousands of dollars in damages if an employee misuses the site while on a company computer. The downloading of illegal music or software can also put your company at financial risk.

You are paying your staff to perform the work that you hired them for; why pay them to waste company time and not get the work done? Company time is precious and should not be misused. Would you like to know what your staff is doing when you assume that they are working? An office computer monitoring program will tell you what they do online, and if they are using their work time for online personal activities. Company security might also be compromised because stealthy employee Internet activity permits employees to disclose internal trade secrets and other confidential company information.

If your staff is not adhering to your Internet policy, this is the time for you to take charge. Take the initiative to enforce your policies on the use of the Internet to increase productivity and keep your revenue from dropping. Furthermore, when staff evaluation time arrives, your staff is evaluated on performance. If their performance includes observance of your Internet use policy and productivity levels, a computer monitoring program can be a great tool to measure those aspects of employee performance. It can also be used to document noncompliance to company policies and protect your company from a lawsuit in the event of employee termination.

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Inside Attack

Loss of productivity due to unapproved Internet use is an inside attack on your company. Most employees follow the company rules and policies, but the few that don’t crumble the inner structure. Improper use of the Internet by employees will slow your network down, and will make it difficult for other employees to get their work done. It eats up your bandwidth that needs to be used for company business. The Internet can be a powerful temptation, and usage of the Internet is very easy for you to monitor.

More Information about Employee Monitoring Programs

Loss of Productivity and Revenue Loss From:

  • Facebook, Twitter and other Social Media
  • The exchange of personal email, chatting and instant messaging with family and friends
  • Peer-to-peer programs used to download illegal programs and pornography
  • Non-work related web surfing
  • Playing online games or watching video streams

The Bottom Line

Your company is in business to make money. If your staff is throwing your money away by wasting time playing on the Internet, the company is the loser. Excellent technology is available to manage employee use of the Internet. Your bottom line is the most important part of your business, why let it suffer? Monitoring your staff’s use of your equipment is to your advantage. Work computers are used offline as well, and you can monitor all computer activity. It is worth it to your company to protect its resources and profits.

Can you really afford not to monitor your office computers?